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We Help You Build A Daily Healthy Lifestyle Through Afforable & Most Valuable Cold Pressed Juice Delivered To You
Why Cold Pressed Juices?
The problem with traditional centrifugal juicers is that a lot of heat is generated during extraction, which destroys  nutrients in the fruits and vegetables. That explains why you see lots of foams at the surface of your juice

With cold pressed juice, you are having juice that’s highly dense in nutrients and enzymes that your body will truly thank you for.

Carefully Researched Juices For Your Dietary Needs

Every Juice Carefully Researched And Concocted By Certified Nutritionist To Give You The Best Quality And Benefits
Why Order From Us?

100% Pure Natural Juice, No ICE ADDED

Nothing added. Only natural fruits an vegetables in your juices

No Sugar Added

No artificial sugar added. Rich in colour and taste every fruit and vegetable.

No Preservatives Added

No preservatives added. Rich in colour and taste every fruit and vegetables

Safest, Fastest & Highest Quality Juice With Best Support

Licensed Central Kitchen

Your juices are pressed at a central kitchen with high standards and procedures in placed to give you 100% assurance

On Demand Delivery

Immediate Delivery Upon Ordering. Delivery time applies to Daily Lifestyle Juices Category only. Does not apply to juice cleanse packages.

24/7 Live Support

Real Support from real person chatting with you to give you full support

2 Juicing Styles for you

1. Juice Cleanse Packages

Feeling Fresher and Lighter Again
Many people cleanse because they feel off – They are bloated & sluggish, dependant on caffeine, junk food craving, breaking out.
It helps shifts you away from bad habits after you are done. When you eliminate toxins from your system, your entire body feels better and reacts both internally and externally

2. Daily Lifestyle Juices

Your Daily Juice Needs
Select your juices from 9 different flavours with various benefits. Most importantly delivery is immediate OR you may consider scheudule your preferred delivery date and time
What Our Happy Customers Say
Delicious and refreshing juices. I feel recharged and fresh when I have these juices. I can taste every ingredient strongly. The best part is knowing that vitamins and minerals are absorbed directly into my body. Mr Pang, 5 Stars Rating

I have tried juices that cost more than $15/bottles. I find the quality of both juices are similar despite the price. The biggest draw of your juices is the value I am getting from it. As a wise consumer, I will definitely buying your juices again. Your juices are also more handy compared to glass bottles. Nicole, 5 Stars Rating

I totally love the taste of each juice and it helped me with my constipation problem. Price is reasonable and juices taste good. And service is good too. I will stay loyal to your brand. Angel Ho, 5 Stars Rating

After reading up on juicing for a few weeks I decided to go ahead and enter a program. I decided to go with Elixir Juice as they seemed not only reasonably priced but very informative in their replies and advice. Half way through the 14 days cleanse now and the results are fantastic, it’s definitely not as hard as I thought it would be Marc, 5 Stars Rating

Taste matters to me most. I prefer juices to have lighter vegetables taste. You have done a great job in concocting the juices. I have tried your juices several times and found it nice tasting. Your juices also gave me the nutrients that I lack in my daily meals. Laura, 4.5 Stars Rating



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