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The Problem With Traditional Juicing

Juices that are extracted with centrifugal juices (high speed blades juicer) cause high oxidization of juices. This blending action allows lots of air to enter and thus speeding up oxidation process. This is why you see lots of foam when you purchase juices from market or coffee shops. Foams are indication of high oxidation happening.

A lot of heat is generated during high speed spinning action. Heat generated are destroys essential enzymes in fruits and vegetables.

Using The World’s Renowned Juicer

It uses hydraulic power (high pressure) to extract the juices. 500% retention compared to high speed blender/juicer

One Bottle Contains More Fruits & Vegetables

It is almost impossible to eat 600g of fresh produce by your mouth. Hence we have transformed these produce to liquid form. This allows you to consume more nutrients that you thought you could
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